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The Legacy

Rivers Wilde #1

The Legacy

He holds the keys to a kingdom.
But he covets the keys to her heart.

Heir to a multi billion dollar business empire,
Hayes Rivers has the world at his command.

When our paths crossed over a long weekend
at a gorgeous seaside villa in Italy, sparks flew at first glance.

Then, his searing kisses stoked a flame that consumed us both.
Best of all, I discover that beneath his Master of the Universe facade,
beats a tender, fiercely loyal heart.

We came from completely different worlds
The price of admission to his was high.
But for the chance at a life with the man of my dreams,
I would have paid any price.

Falling in love was like leaping into a wild river.
Our relationship moved faster than I could keep up with.
But Hayes held on to me as tightly as I held on to him.
So I closed my eyes and surrendered to the current.

I didn’t feel the mighty shifts in the wind until it blew us off course.
I didn’t see the waterfall we were headed for until I was going over it.
And nothing could have prepared us for shock of finding ourselves on
Different sides of a fight neither of us can afford to lose.
Will our love be enough to weather the storm
Or will rivalries, family secrets, and pride wash it away?

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