Let's have an adventure.

Updated: Jan 8

If you've read my bio then you know I've got a hopeless case of wanderlust. One of the reasons I call my reader group Day Dreamers is because when time or money got in the way, I could rely on my imagination to help me scape. They say the world belongs to dreamers...and I can attest that it does. If your mind can see it, you can be there. That feels more important than ever right now. I know that even though some of you continue to work at home, most of us have spare time on our hands. I've started cooking more, exercising, and learning new skills. I know not all of us can conjure up destinations on a whim, so I decided to send you some inspiration. I've got some of my personal favorites as well as a list curated by Good Housekeeping Magazine!

I hope you're all staying lifted, and happy and sane.  Keep reading for more and comment with your own recs for lock down sanity!


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