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The Legend is LIVE in Audio!!

The Legend, heart-gripping and angst-fueled second chance romance from Dylan Allen, is available now on AUDIO!⁣ BUY it TODAY :⁣ Narrated by Stephen Dexter and Robyn Verne.⁣ The love of a lifetime deserves a million chances.⁣ Remington Wilde had heartbreak written all over him. He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. When I looked into his midnight eyes, I saw a happy ending I'd never dared to dream of. ⁣ I was 17 the first time he asked for my heart. I didn't hesitate to hand it over. In exchange, he gave me the best summer of my life. ⁣ He was my first everything. Falling in love felt written in the stars...but our legend, it turns out, was all a lie, and when our story ended, all I had was a broken heart. ⁣ Now, he wants a second chance. But this time, I've got more to lose than just my heart. ⁣ When the lies that pulled us apart threaten again, it will take more than sweet words from his sinful mouth to convince me. ⁣ He says the love of a lifetime deserves a million chances, but am I strong enough to fall again? ⁣ #TheLegend #Audible #RiversWildeSeries #DylanAllen

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