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The Legend: Rivers Wilde Book 2

The Legend

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Second Chance Romance

Angsty Family Drama

THE swooniest Alpha hero

Strong Single Parent

Scorching hot 


At the same time a scandal turns his family upside down,

Remington Wilde’s first love comes back into his life. 

He wants a second chance to get things right,

But can he convince her to trust him again? 

And can he forgive her when he finds out the real reason she’s back?

Legends aren't born, but if they were they'd be just like Remington Wilde. When Remington it's time for him to step into his grandfather's shoes, he decides he doesn't quite like the fit. 

He has dreams that have nothing to do with running the empire he’s expected to inherit.  When meets the love of his life, Kal, he finds the courage to start pursuing them.

A natural leader, Remi is nobody's to command, except for his lady, who he would move heaven and earth for.   

Ambitious, loyal, and possessive, Remington is unforgettable. 


Books he appears in

Main Character

The Legend

The Gathering

Secondary Character

The Legacy

The Jezebel

The Daredevil 

The Mastermind


Personal background




Carlton, Legend, 


Tina  (The Gathering) 

and Lucas Wilde 


Regan (The Jezebel)

Tyson (The Daredevil)

Partner :

Kalilah Greer


Remi’s mother is an immigrant from Jamaica and his father’s grandparents immigrated from Ireland. 

Place of birth: 

Houston, TX

Current Location: 

Houston, TX

Best friend: 




Physical description :  

Remi is the definition of tall dark and handsome. He’s got smooth cafe au lait skin that he keeps clean shaven and dark curly hair he keeps close cropped. He’s a natural athlete who was a great basketball player and expected to have a career in the NBA before he found something he loved more. He still runs triathlons and treats his body like a temple. 


Sense of style: 

Remi uses his clothes to communicate. He’s the self appointed and widely accepted “King” of Rivers Wilde and he always looks the part. His hair cut is never not sharp, his collars are sharp, and his shoes always have a shine. 


He loves to run, read, cook, and volunteer. 


Remi attended Howard University in Washington, DC for undergrad and law school. He began his career as clerking for a federal court judge before he made a name for himself as litigator in the Civil Right Division of the Justice Department. He moved back to Houston when his grandfather had a debilitating stroke and opened Wilde Law firm. It’s quickly becoming one of the most respected and is the fastest growing firm in the country. 


Q&A with Remi

1.) can you keep a secret?

Yes, but I don’t like to. Secrets are dangerous and always find a way free and can destroy lives in an instant. 

2.) What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve ever had to overcome?

The shackles of my mother’s expectations of me. She raised me and trained me to live a life had no interest in. Fighting free of that obligation and charting my own course did last damage to our relationship, but it was worth it. I chose myself, chose love and I would do it all again. 


3.) did you go to law school because it was expected?

No. I went to law school because I realized if I wanted to make a difference in this world, being advocate was the way to do it. I’m good at it, when the law is applied justly, it can change lives for the better. My mother wanted me to go to business school and take over as CEO of our family business when she retired. I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for turning that down. 


4.) who is your best friend?

Before I met Kal, it was my twin sister Regan. We’re so much more than halves of the same whole - connected in a way that’s hard to describe. We don’t always agree, but we’re never argue. I can’t compare how I feel about her to anyone else and that’s how it’ll always be. 

5. ) where’s your favorite place to vacation and why?

Remote places where the stars are clear at night. I hate resorts because I like to sit outside naked in the mornings - so remote cabins and bungalows are ideal.

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