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graham davis

Graham is the definition of survivor. He started life isolated from the rest of the world - growing up in a small religious cult in Texas. When he escaped that life, he was determined to make the most of every day he had left. He’s a loving son and brother who would do anything to protect his mother. Despite his reputation as a playboy,  he’s only ever loved one woman. 



Books he appears in

The Sun and Her Star

Thicker Than Water

The Mastermind


1.) who do you miss the most?

My little sister, Ellie. She died too young, I don’t have enough memories and hardly any pictures. 

2.) favorite travel destination

I love old cities. I would say London and Istanbul are some of the places I love getting lost in. 


3.) what would you tell your sixteen year old self?

Have faith in yourself. If anything sounds too good to be true, it is. 


4.) what’s something you regret not doing?

I regret not inviting Apollo to my graduation. She came anyway, but I’m ashamed that I didn’t have the courage to make sure she’d be there. 


5. ) what’s the biggest surprise about how your life turned out?

I’m shocked that I’m rich and famous. I was raised in a cult that had no outside contact with the rest of the world. I not only made it out of there, I’ve made a name for myself.

Apollo L.png

apollo locklear

Eternal optimist and believer in magic, Apollo’s life has been a rollercoaster of loss and luck. She loves with her whole heart and sees the whole world as her oyster. She meets the boy who she’ll love her whole life when she’s eleven and knows he’s her destiny. But Apollo loves herself, too and doesn’t like to stay in places she’s not wanted. Fiercely independent and brave, she steals the heart of everyone she meets. Especially, Graham’s 


Books she appears in

The Sun and her Star

The Mastermind

The Sound of Temptation



1.) what’s your wildest dream?

To have an art gallery attached to an art school that I could run with my whole family. 


2.) What is your fondest childhood memory?

Traveling to London with my sister and father and taking pictures on the lions in Trafalgar Square


3.) what’s your favorite movie and why?

The Color Purple. It’s a story of sisters separated by distance and cruelty, but who are never apart in their hearts. It’s how I feel about my sister, and I love seeing it portrayed. 


4.) do you have a bucket list? If so, what are some of the things on it?

I don’t have a bucket list, but when I get an idea to do something, I don’t put it off if I don’t have to . 

5. ) do you believe in fate?

Yes. Absolutely…the universe knows what it’s doing.

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