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Mansion at Dusk

the legacy

rivers wilde


The Legacy 2024.jpg

He's the king of all he surveys.
Except her. 

Exiled for 15 years, Hayes Rivers has finally assumed his place as head of Houston’s oldest and most powerful family.
Now, they call him King.
A legacy of wealth and prestige are his to claim. 

As age-old rivalries, long-buried secrets, and generations of betrayal threaten his birthright, he finds himself in a battle for control of his family’s future. 
When he meets Confidence, she’s a sweet distraction. 
Everything he shouldn’t want. 
But after a weekend of passion and surprising intimacy, 
he realizes she's everything he needs.

He holds the keys to a kingdom, 
But he covets the key to her heart.

And he'll stop at nothing to claim his queen.

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